Blitzes & Workshops

Project M Blitz
A Blitz is set in an intensive, chaotic, energizing, workshop environment for prototyping, researching, doing, designing, and exploring that, while thinking wrong, produces a project or service that uses design thinking for the greater good.

Comprised of a small, dedicated team of designers and other creative collaborators, the Blitz team is challenged to produce a completed project in a short amount of time; between 48 hours and 7 days.

Art Institute of Boston
(at Lesley University)


Auburn University
48 Hour Blitz

California College of the Arts
What is Graphic Design? / Muni Fare Hike / Print Less

IDSA: Houston, TX
[Hello, Houston]

Muck Lab / Bikes, Pie, and Community / HERO = Housing /
NADA Bike Identity / The Picnic-Mobile

The Union / Play Shirts

University of Alabama
UA Blitz

University of Kansas
The Don't Eat like a Zombie

Virginia Commonwealth University

Think Wrong workshops
A Think Wrong workshop is a quick introduction on the process behind our creative approach that is facilitated in a university class, a conference event, or a one day engagement. Through a series of exercises, participants react to the challenges presented by the Project M team. Ideas from the workshops are then implemented by the participants.

People are encouraged to think big, push limits, and leave behind their
conventional creative process.

AIGA National

AIGA West Michigan
Think Wrong talk & workshop

Better World by Design
Rethinking BWxD 2012 / BWxD 2011 / Rethinking BWxD 2011 /
BWxD 2010 / (blank)LAB at BWxD 2010

Lesley University
Artists and Activists Conference

Tidewater Community College
340 is